Aquicito no más
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Aquicito no más

Now the payment of your taxes and municipal services will be easier and faster.


Do it in our 21 points of sale, which will be always ready to give you the best service!
Make your payments in the following pharmacies
  • Farmasol 27 de Febrero.
  • Farmasol Los Nogales.
  • Farmasol Totoracocha.
  • Farmasol Ricaurte.
  • Farmasol El Valle.
  • Farmasol Centro Múltiple.
  • Farmasol Patamarca.
  • Farmasol Miraflores.
  • Farmasol Santa Ana.
  • Farmasol Sinincay.
  • Farmasol Cumbe.
Make your payments in the following pharmacies
  • Farmasol Turi.
  • Farmasol Baños.
  • Farmasol Eucaliptos.
  • Farmasol Racar.
  • Farmasol Monay.
  • Farmasol Balzay.
  • Farmasol Corazón de Jesús.
  • Farmasol Narancay.
  • Farmasol San Joaquín.
  • Farmasol Don Bosco.
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How can we help you?
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